January 10th, 2011

reading, creative

Kindle Version of Essays/Columns Book

The Kindle version of my book is finally live! There's even a nice free downloadable sample to view (which for some odd reason didn't work well for the poetry book, sharing only a contents page).

This took me a lot of focus and work over the past two weeks, since I had to manually redo all the formatting in HTML. Thanks to the Cheshire Cat, who recommended downloading Kindlegen, I was able to generate a Kindle-compatible .MOBI file to check each of my changes. So ultimately, I am confident it should look and act exactly the way I want.

Please pass the word to any of your friends who own a Kindle that they should download the free sample!

You can, of course, still buy the print version of my book at my online book store. Don't forget to use the friends discount to get 10% off that version of book. Just follow the link to buy it from my Createspace store at Amazon and use the following code upon checkout: DMT223RM