January 12th, 2011


Razzle Dazzle Them

I've been watching all the movies that won the Oscar for Best Picture. Next on my list was the 2002 winner, Chicago, directed by Rob Marshall and starring Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere.

Chicago is an unconventional musical about a young woman standing trial for murder. She longs to be a showgirl, and her rich fantasy life re-envisions the people and circumstances around her as a glitzy jazz-era musical performance.

The other nominees for Best Picture that year were Gangs of New York, The Hours, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Pianist. In addition to Best Picture, Chicago also won Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Zeta-Jones); Best Art Direction - Set Decoration; Best Costume Design; Best Editing; and Best Sound.

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