April 23rd, 2012


Panda Corner: KFP-Kitty Rivalry

This morning, when Luke was rubbing his face on a basket next to the bed, KFP told him, "No!"

"Why did you tell him no? He didn't do anything wrong?" I asked.

"Books!" KFP said, pointing out the fact that we keep some of his books in that basket (there is a cache of children's books and toys in every room except the kitchen).

"He's not going to do anything to your books," I told KFP.

"Eat!" he insisted.

When I finished laughing, I assured him that the cat would not eat his books.

Of course, when I told my mom about this on the phone later that afternoon, she reminded me that Luke has been known to chew plastic bags (he's quite obsessed with them) and that maybe KFP witnessed such behavior.

I think it's simply that KFP is asserting his dominance over the feline denizen of the house. Yes, Luke, it is time to realize that even the human kitten is above you.