May 2nd, 2012


LJ Idol Voting

The voting is really tight this week at LJ Idol, so if you haven't already, stop by and cast your votes. When you do, remember to vote for my partner for this week, drjeff, who managed to write a heartfelt piece about estrangement from his father on the same weekend as his wedding reception. I've been a fan of his writing for a long time, and I'm happy we finally got a chance to work together.

Several Articles

I wrote a news blog for Yahoo! News, a response to President Obama's speech:

President's Afghanistan Speech Evokes Emotional Response

And a newsy movies story:

Tyler Perry Studio Latest Movie Set Struck by Fire

Here's a Yahoo! TV story I wrote, published yesterday:

Revamp Can't Save 'Breaking In'

And finally, another Yahoo! TV story of mine, published yesterday:

Is 'The Voice' Too Formulaic?