September 24th, 2012

reading, creative

Last Day of Free Promotion

This is the last day to pick up a free version of my book, "The Art of Life," through my giveaway promotion. One note: if you don't have a Kindle, you can still read it using the Kindle app (available for free at Amazon) on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or iPad.

I'm still ranking #1 in the free section of Humor > Parenting & Families! This makes me feel good about the potential of future projects.

Don't forget to come back to my Amazon page after you've read it and hit "like" as well as leave a review.

Picking Yer Brains

Here's a little question for all of my friends but especially for those who were following my LJ Idol run (both this season and previous seasons). What sort of writing would you like to see more of from me? Now that I don't have a weekly deadline, I'd like to make sure that I keep my writing productivity up.

I've especially enjoyed writing fiction in recent years. What sort of fictional pieces would you like to see from me? I'd be interested in hearing what truly resonates from people.

Here's another, not quite unrelated question: when you're reading writing entries for LJ Idol, what makes you "turn your chair," to borrow a metaphor from "The Voice"? What sort of writing motivates you to vote for someone? What turns you off?