August 28th, 2013

KFP 2013

Care to Dance?

I am pondering writing a Home Game entry for LJ Idol's mini-season, Exhibit B. This week, the contestants are pairing up, and while it's not a requirement that home-game participants do so, I figure it could be fun.

Each partner is supposed to tackle a different one of a pair of topics. The topics are:

"Not a f*cking people person"


"Sit and spin"

Usually, the practice is that the entries should be linked in some way, although it can be tangentially.

The deadline is tomorrow (Thursday) by 9 p.m. Again, as home-game participants, there's no strict requirement to finish it by then, of course. I got to this late, because I was working on other things.

Is anybody game to partner with me for a pair of home-game entries?