November 12th, 2013

KFP 2013

Get a Free Copy of The Art of Life eBook

Last day to get a free Kindle copy of my book, "The Art of Life." Don't have a Kindle device? Search for "Free Kindle Reader Apps" and download one for your PC or smartphone. Please share the link! The Art of Life eBook: Alyce Wilson: Kindle Store

Right now, the book is placing second in two categories:

Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Essays & Correspondence > Essays
Kindle eBooks > Humor & Entertainment > Humor > Parenting & Families

Help me make it to Number 1!

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Which Fairy Tale Next?

This November, instead of doing NaNoWriMo again, I'm participating in the Project REUTSway challenge.

Which fairy tale should I use next for Challenge 2? I'm supposed to pick a story from the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christien Andersen or any tale adapted by Disney. Then I'm supposed to write a YA or NA tale using that fairy tale as a basis along with zombies, mummies or ghosts.

Last week I used Snow White, and I don't want to use that tale again, since it didn't go so well.

Any suggestions?