August 29th, 2014

KFP 2013

LJ Idol: Vote - Week 19

For whatever reason, the voting is really low this week on LJ Idol, and as a result, the vote is extremely tight. You need to be a community member to join, but it's easy to do so. If you need to find out how, let me know. I can use your support! And yes, you can vote using this embedded poll.

Originally posted by clauderainsrm at Vote - Week 19
A few words from clauderainsrm:

You can plan all you want. But life is going to do what it wants to do.

Often just to spite you.

Because life is out to get you, and will not stop until you are dead.

LJ Idol is much like Life in that way. Only we *do* let one person survive. So we’re like Life, only slightly nicer!

This week, 2 people from the Redemption Tribe will be leaving us, and 3 from the regular poll.

It’s Community Only, so you need to be a member to vote. Fortunately, you can go do that. Right now! Anyone else who wants to vote - have them join the community. It’s easy to do, it helps with visibility and that way they never miss a chance to support you… and even better, they never miss a chance to read all of the fantastic entries and find new favorites!

Because that’s what this is all about.

Well, that and the merciless hunting you down.

(It’s mostly the merciless hunting you down part though.)

The poll will close Monday, Sept 1st at 9pm EDT

So there’s really no excuse not to get out there to read, comment, and vote to keep your favorites in the competition!

Good luck to everyone!

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