September 17th, 2014


AGT Recap Delay

It's been a heck of a couple of weeks! First my son accidentally knocked over his daddy's computer, necessitating an expensive repair to replace the screen. It was in the shop for most of last week, and that put me in a bind with my AGT recaps. We no longer have it set to record on the DVR, since I've been watching it on Hulu. I also no longer can watch the entire show live as it airs (which is when I used to make my primary notes), since my son is in preschool and we're putting him to bed a half hour earlier.

So this all boils down to an embarrassing development: I haven't actually watched all of the Top 12 performances from last week, let alone the Top 6 from this week. I know the final results are tonight, and I won't be watching them live. Instead, I'll catch up, probably on Friday, and do a final catch-all post of my impressions of the last two weeks. It probably won't be a traditional recap, though, because it would be so overdue as to be sort of pointless!

Anyway, I do appreciate that people have been reading and commenting on my recaps, and I'm sorry about this really awkward ending for the season.