January 4th, 2015

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Looking Forward to 2015

As I recover from the Christmas cold that stole my voice away from me on Christmas morning, reducing me to fits of coughing that kept me home both from a New Year's Eve party and from a post-NYE party yesterday, I'm finally beginning to feel more clear-headed again. There's nothing quite like being sick to make you appreciate the normal.

I'm not going to do any standard resolutions this year, because I've found that any year I don't meet them to the letter, I tend to feel like a loser. I know you're supposed to set small, achievable goals, but my idea of what is achievable is often out of step with my current reality as a work-at-home mom. Instead, I'm going to list several categories I'd like to work on this year, and as I do anything positive towards those categories, I will try to remember to post about it. This will also help me to stay active on LJ and, hopefully, in better contact with people in general.

These are the areas where I'm going to focus:

* Parenting (including but not limited to researching kindergartens, expanding KFP's food palate, exposing him to new concepts and experiences, and basically helping him to be a better citizen in general).

* Writing career (including but not limited to actually writing, editing and publishing; as well as taking work for pay to help our family out financially).

* Health (including but not limited to staying away from foods that upset my digestive track, eating foods that are healthy and healing, increasing exercise and increasing water intake, reducing nighttime napping and getting better sleep; as well as any bodily changes that result in terms of building muscle and losing fat)

* Cleaning/organization (including but not limited to regular household maintenance; continuing to reduce and organize the clutter; finding new homes for old KFP toys and clothes; and finding better ways to organize the things we keep).

* Social networking (including but not limited to reconnecting with LJ friends; checking in more often with friends via Facebook; and using Twitter and other social networks to make connections for personal and career reasons).

Obviously, there's a lot on that list, and I won't be working on every category every day. The point is to celebrate the small accomplishments so that, hopefully, by the end of 2015 I will be able to feel good about what I've accomplished, rather than feeling bad about resolutions I haven't achieved.

Along those lines, I've been told that a writer's blog ought to be about more than just writing, because that will draw more people to it. What sorts of topics do you think I should address on my official author's site blog (http:///www.alycewilson.com)? In other words, what sorts of things have you seen me write about that might work there? Keep in mind I also have the blog (http://www.belatedmommy.com) which is for parenting issues, so the Alyce Wilson blog should be different. What do you think?

FYI, the new default icon picture is of me and KFP on a hay ride this past November. I figured we were due for a change, since the other one dated from 2013!