September 8th, 2015

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Just Five Minutes, Huh?

A friend of mine, whom I once nicknamed the Paralegal but who will now be the D.C. Lawyer, asked me why I don't write in my LJ any more. "Why not just write for five minutes a day?" she suggested. "That should be easy to work into your day."

Well, all right. Here is today in five minutes or so.

My transcription schedule has changed from late-night to a split shift: two shows in the morning and about the same at night. I rarely get them done as quickly as I should, partly due to mornings like today, when I got up at 4:30 to work and was barely started when KFP awoke and needed his human teddy bear (me) to get back to sleep.

Still, I was feeling optimistic and still attended my water aerobics class, planning to work like mad when I got home.

Of course, I didn't count on KFP's school bus breaking down on the way back from kindergarten, leaving me sitting helpless for nearly an hour at his bus stop.

I got home, finished one assignment, got KFP lunch, contacted my editor about the delay, and took KFP to the dentist for his annual checkup. He cried during the cleaning but turned around when the hygienist gave him his goody bag early. He sat very patiently to have his teeth X-rayed in exchange for four extra stickers.

Again, we drove home, and I finished my second morning assignment with a 5-year-old bouncing on the couch next to me, completing it just in time to take him to soccer class.

I am typing this on my Droid using the LJ app, sitting on the sidelines of a freezing cold gym, because I forgot how cold it gets in here during a summer of only swimming classes.

When we get home, I will cook dinner, squeeze in a quick playing session of the Sims 2, and then begin my evening assignments. At some point my husband will return home and take over KFP duties for a couple hours until it is time to put KFP to bed. Because only Mommy is acceptable to read to him and cuddle with him until he falls asleep.

I will set my alarm and hope my body allows me to function when I awake at about midnight to finish my evening work. Otherwise, I will be up at 4 again tomorrow for another day.

Oh, and I turned 45 today. If not for the constant stream of well wishes on Facebook and here, and a gift and card in the mail from family, that fact would be easy to overlook.

OK, I think that was more like 20 minutes, but I did it. I promise not to alwats do a daily play-by-play. It is time to get some of these thoughts out that keep circling and circling around my (very) busy brainbox.