September 9th, 2015

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The Lure of Microblogging

As I tried to explain to the White Rabbit at his Labor Day party, I have long gone through periods of faithful journal keeping, intercut with periods of no journal writing at all. Those periods tend to match up with life changes, and the recent lapse is no different.

Five years ago, I spent much of my time holding (and nursing) my growing baby. I bought a notebook computer, easily portable from room to room, finding moments of quiet to write and reflect.

These days, the time I once dubbed "baby boot camp" seems a dream. While all my days are not as busy as the one I wrote about yesterday, my weeks are crammed full of soccer and tumbling classes, swimming and piano lessons, my transcription work, putting together my literary magazine ( and, for at least half the year, daily work for my volunteer position as the head of Otakon Press Relations ( I rarely get time to work on my writing projects, let alone blog.

Thus, my movement to the Book of Face, as so many LJ friends still refer to it. FB is the Wal-Mart of social media: easy to deride but far too convenient to actually ignore.

Why should I labor on my LJ app, laboriously correcting all my spelling errors, while my son practices piano, when I could type a lazy sentence or two as my FB status and earn a dozen "likes" before he's done playing? There are times when I relish that immediate gratification, but I have to admit, it is a bit soul killing all the same.

My carefully phrased observations on KFP's development have been replaced by cutesie anecdotes and Instagram picspam. When I think deep thoughts about parenting, the words tend to bump around within my head, as I tell myself over and over, "I really ought to write about that."

I may not get as much instant feedback for posts like this one, but blogging my thoughts, or journaling in any way, has always been a valuable resource: aiding my memories, fueling future stories, and serving as a personal timeline. And as everyone knows, FB is a terrible way to track memories, since it is almost impossible to search for gems amid the detritus.

So here I am, on day two of flexing these atrophied muscles, and boy, does it feel good!

BTW, I also plan to start reading LJ again. While I may not be able to do so daily, I will try to catch up at least once a week with some of my FL, giving priority to those who comment.