January 22nd, 2017

Otakon 2016

LJI 10 Week 5: Knots in the Unraveling of My Past

A note from Alyce: Since writing this entry, further research has led me to conclude that my family is not related to the Carter family from Virginia. In fact, my ancestor, George Carter, was an immigrant from Bucklebury, England, which is currently where my path ends for that line, exactly the same place it did for my grandmother. However, I am hoping that since he was Quaker, I will be able to get some assistance from some genealogical socities in England that focus on Quaker ancestry. When I make new discoveries on the Carters, I will post about them and link to them here.

I have also determined that my paternal great-grandfather was not Marvin Beard Eustler but his uncle, George W. Eutsler III, who was a co-owner of the Eutsler Brothers, a business that offered both building contractual work and a lumber mill. I will post about him in a separate entry and link to it here.

This is my entry for Week 5 of LJ Idol (therealljidol), Season 10. This week's topic was "heel turn."

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