September 26th, 2019

Carousel 2019

LJI 11 Week 1: Mind/Trip

This is my entry for Week 1 of LJ Idol (therealljidol), Season 11. The topic this week is "Resolution."


A tilted view of a lake and a wooden bridge, as if the photographer is falling down


Who reads a story's ending
first? Abhorrent practice. To leap
past process into knowing. Yet,

how often I wish to fast-
forward through life's
bruises. To reach a point
where I'm knitted together. Healed. Perhaps
stronger. Nearly

a year since a bicep tear
turned my right arm inky blue,
my strength burgeons. Shoulder
twinges still burr my sleep. (An orthopedic
pillow helps.) So unfair, then, how --
in sweaty August -- uneven
pavement twisted
my knee with a pop,
the moment I lifted my eyes from
my path to watch my son
open a gate. By now,
I should have learned. Lately,

when I hurt myself, I have my eyes
on him. My consciousness flies
from my body, a protective cushion
around his movement. Bouncy
and incautious, he sails
over obstacles, living
in the present.

                     - September 26, 2019