January 21st, 2020

Carousel 2019

LJI 11 Week 11 Part 2: Another Flood

This is my entry for part two of Week 11 of LJ Idol (therealljidol. The topic is "If the Creek Don't Rise."

Our parking lot in April 2018.
Note the two unlucky cars that no one moved in time.

Another Flood

First, the green fronds
at creek edge. Then, water
oozes brown over rock, and bramble
and slooshes
towards our just-so-
important cars. First, mud
laps tires. (If we're lucky,
that's all.) But thrice,
the bilge swallowed
the whole lot. Up to doors
and windows --
roofs. And we,
silly humans, chatter
on dry land, snapping

- January 21, 2020

My other entry from this week is about the geese who live next to this creek: The Babysitter.