March 5th, 2020

Carousel 2019

SCI Write-Off - Recovery

This is my entry for the Sudden Death round of Second Chance Idol. If I succeed, I'll reenter the main competition. This was an Open Topic. You can vote in the Second Chance round by following this link:


One morning, less limp. Another, I tackle
stairs with no pain. Then, I forget
my ibuprofen, yet miss my heel twinge.

Ice and elevation, careful
muscle mending. Six months
since my knee popped sideways
on uneven cement. Tears
sprung to my eyes, I'd hobbled
home. More than

a year since I fell, splayed on carpet,
momentum bursting bicep. Purple
and green arm flares. My movement
curtailed. So many
ordinary things -- opening cabinets, typing --
a struggle. (For me, that rubbed raw.)

I nursed my weakness. Reusable ice packs
tempered the burn. Slow. Slow.

Today, I bounce
in the shallow end, dozens
of eyes focus on me, match
my movements. I call out
commands, correct form. Touch
your shoulders,
lift your knees.

Gradually, I've knit myself
together. Recovered
what I'd lost. This is me.
This has always been me.

Me in my swimsuit this morning
in front of my book shelf

As some of you know, I suffered a bicep tear injury back in November 2018. Luckily, while it hurt a lot, it wasn't severe enough to require surgery, just a lot of TLC. Ironically, when my arm had reached close to 100 percent of its strength and flexibility, in August 2019, I stepped on some uneven pavement and suffered a ACL injury to my right knee. Again, I was lucky that I didn't require surgery, just plenty of slow going and care. My left heel developed plantar fascitis from favoring it due to the knee pain. Now, I'm happy to say I'm almost completely recovered from that injury, too.

Late last year, the regular aqua fitness instructor at my YMCA quit. Since she had often asked me to substitute for her on a volunteer basis, I eventually got up the nerve to apply for the permanent position. I got it and have been teaching since the first week of January. In that time, perhaps from learning and teaching movements to others to increase flexibility, strength and balance, I've not only seen improvements in my own balance but also have lost a little weight and gained muscle tone.