April 29th, 2020


NaPoWriMo 28: Past, Present, Future

Today's poem is based on the past, present, future prompt from Wild Violet: NAPOWRIMO 2020 - Prompt 28.


A mourning dove on a branch

Past, Present, Future

Never forlorn, the mourning dove
lilted at dusk, as pavement cooled
and we pedaled home. An open-vowel
mantra, intoned from hidden bushes.
Paired with fresh grass, wilting
daffodils, a signal of spring.

Through our open patio door
we watch neighbors parade,
faces covered like kids playing
cowboy. These days, I'm my son's
only playmate as we walk by the creek,
throw a ball. Now inside, bushed,
that lilting litany renews my spirit.

When life speeds up again, I hope
to remember to listen for those
twitters and chirps outside our window,
to walk in the sun for no reason.
And always to pause
to listen to the doves croon at dusk.

- April 29, 2020
Carousel 2019

NaPoWriMo 29: To Those Who Didn't Love Me Back

My second poem for today is an epistolary poem, based on the prompt from Wild Violet: NAPOWRIMO 2020 - Prompt 29.


Chalk hearts on a sidewalk

To Those Who Didn't Love Me Back

Funny, how clear now, the reasons.
Disconnects, awkward timing,
my fumbling, fervent attempts.
Never smooth, I lurched
too soon into adulation. Clutching
a script I'd written for how
fondness should unfurl. It took me
years to realize my blunders,
only to cringe in retrospect
at flubs and gaffes --
confessions, misinterpretations,
brazenly shoving
my heart at you, expecting
what? I doubt I even knew.

Infatuation, its own obsession,
spurring me on to long
again and again for
unattainable communion.
Because as long as you remained
remote, I didn't have to fathom
futures. Or chassé forward
to the next mating-dance
step. For real love
spooked my senses,
so sparse until
I finally stumbled upon it,
while no longer looking.

- April 29, 2020