October 28th, 2020

Carousel 2019

LJ Idol Survivor: Voting for Week 1

A mini-season of LJ Idol is running right now on Dreamwidth, and the voting is live: https://therealljidol.dreamwidth.org/1071987.html. A few things are different this time around.

Number one, of course, it's on Dreamwidth. You CAN, however, vote using your Livejournal ID. Just go up to the top of the page and click on "OpenID." When it asks you for your OpenID URL, type: username.livejournal.com (username being your LJ username). The browser will automatically redirect you to Livejournal for you to confirm the OpenID login. Then, you'll be able to vote just like in a regular LJ poll. Or, of course, you could log into your Dreamwidth account, if you have one.

The other difference is that we're competing in tribes, "Survivor" style, and the totals of the votes for your tribe will be added up and divided by the number of people in the tribe. The winning tribe gets immunity, and the other has to vote someone off. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you would read the entries by my fellow tribe members and consider voting for them:


The voting deadline is 8 p.m. tonight.