November 1st, 2020

ballet dancer

My Fitness Journey

Some of you probably already know that I have a couple alt journals. One is simalyce, which I use to connect with communities related to The Sims and where I used to write about my Sims characters and their adventures (mostly in Sims 2). It was actually my first Livejournal account, predating this one by a couple years, I think, even though I rarely post there anymore and mostly use it to comment on other people's Sims-related posts.

The other active alt journal -- not counting rivermirage, which was created for a season of LJ Idol and has been dormant since then -- is my fitness journal, renewmom. I've been active there again for the past several months, as I have renewed my commitment to fitness. You see, over the past five years, since my mom died, I had managed to gain 50 pounds of weight, first from grief and then from stress over various setbacks. Early in the pandemic, I actually packed on another 10 before I decided that was enough and renewed my efforts to reclaim my health. So now I'm 40 pounds down, and I'm thinking that by sometime in February 2021, I should be back to where I was five years ago.

Below I've embedded my latest entry to renewmom, but if you're interested in my journey, I'd highly encourage you to follow it. I haven't actively been reaching out socially with that alt, because it's mostly a place to record my thoughts and my progress, but it's always nice to be seen and supported!