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Otakon Coverage

I spent most of the weekend tracking down Otakon coverage from the organizations that were registered as press at the convention.

Here's what I found so far. I still have about 40 organizations to check, and some of the ones listed below are planning further coverage.

Thanks to all those press organizations who made it easier by sending me direct links!

Otakon banner

Advanced Media Network (panels in general, the four Japanese masters press conference, Manga and Literacy panel, Aniplex panel, FUNimation panel, Bandai panel, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn panel and round robin)

Aftercon (VAMPS panel and press conference, Kanon Wakeshima interview, podcast: Dance, panels, Otacafe)

Ani-Gamers (Madhouse Studios, Maruyama/Ishiguro/Kikukawa/fandom, Manga, Literacy & Children panel, FUNimation licensing, Bandai panel, Bandai: Kannagi, preview podcast)

Anime Almanac (Day 1 Tweets-Dealers Rm/Otacafe/Idol/Bandai, Day 2 Tweets-Funimation/Eva/Kanon/Masq/Otacafe, efficiency/Becca/Evangelion 1.0/Kanon Wakeshima)

Anime Diet (Kikuko Inoue panel - part 1, Kikuko Inoue panel - part 2, video teaser)

Anime News Network (The Art of Translation with Trish Ledoux, Funimation, Noboru Ishiguro and Yukio Kikukawa Focus Panel, Naomi Tamura Focus Panel. Bandai Entertainment, Kikuko Inoue Focus Panel, Madhouse, Aniplex, Opening Ceremonies, Staff Blogs, Photo Galleries)

Anime Vice (cosplay pics/Noboru Ishiguro/Yukio Kikukawa)

Anime World Order (podcast)

Askew Magazine (VAMPS)

Baltimore Sun (Overview/attendance/cosplaying, correction for preview article, preview article)

Comics Worth Reading (Thur/Fri panels - Parents, Misako, Manga; Sat/Sun panels - translation, Fred Schodt, Masquerade; pics)

Cumberland Times-News (overview/fandom - quotes from Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Travis Willingham)

Dead Sea Scrolls (FUNimation)

The Enthusiasts (cosplay photos)

The Fan's POV (Video reviews of convention)

Final Fantasy Union (podcast/photos)

Flea the Magician (cosplay photos)

The Gaming Dungeon (cosplay photos)

Graphic Universe (Artist Alley trade article - same as in Lerner Books)

Icosplay (cosplay photos)

International Wota (Becca interview/transcripts of VAMPS and MELL press conferences/Becca photos)

Japanator (Dealers' Room grab bag, Becca interview and pics, Yutaka Yamamoto, FUNimation licensing Eden of the East, next year's dates, cosplay pics, Yamamoto on Endless Eight, Aniplex news, evil/awesome cosplayers, Smash Bros and Gurren Lagann cosplayers, end of con thoughts, FUNimation news, FUNimation licensing four Detective Conan movies, fandom/attendance (with video), Aniplex booth, Dealers' Room overview, day one summary, Team Fortress 2 cosplayers, Bandai industry panel, Dealer's Room line (with video), registration line)

Jenthony Media (Con Goer at Vidgle) (video highlights/photos)

Journal of Lincoln Heighs Literary Society (registration/panels/MELL, Naomi Tamura/Kanon/Alley/Becca, photos)

JRock Events USA (Becca interview)

Manga Recon (Fred Schodt panel, overview/VAMPS/MELL/Evangelion premiere, Fred Schodt continued)

Moon Chase Blog (review of Evangelion 1.0, Kikuko Inoue)

MTV Iggy (Iggy invasion of Otakon, Otaku or not to Otaku, Sayonara Otakon) (cosplay photos)

The Ninja Legion (podcast)

Oguiemaniax (industry panels/Fred Schodt/4 Masters/MELL/panels)

Original Sound Version (Becca interview, Kanon Wakeshima interview) (cosplayer photos)

Otakuden (cosplayer photos part one, part two, and part three)

Otaku Surf (HD movie on the artist in Artist Alley, Artist Alley)

Otaku USA (changing state of anime cons, Dealers' Room/panels with fujoshi focus, photos)

The Other East (Otakon in review, [geist] and Kanon Wakeshima, Becca)

Publisher's Weekly (attendance/sales trade article)

Purple Sky (Kanon Wakeshima interview, Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show, VAMPS press conference)

Quadrain's Domain (cosplay/concert/convention photos, overview/review of Otakon)

Rangercast (photos, podcast)

RDFN (photos)

Refractor Productions (cosplayer photos)

Reverse Thieves (panels/Yamamoto/MELL/4 masters/Fred Schodt)

Spectacle Rock (multi-player tournament, Artist Alley, Otakon Game Room, panels)

Tompopo (Big O model in Artist Alley, Dealers' Room)

Toon Zone News (FUNimation acquires new properties/Bandai industry panel/The Preliminary Numbers/Kikuko Inoue/Masao Maruyama/wrap-up)

Top S3cr3t (Cosplay photos: Saturday, Sunday, Pink)

Trifocal Productions (Dr. Insano video interview, Masquerade skits video)

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