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Otakon Coverage, Part 2

Here's more Otakon coverage from press organizations who were registered to cover the event. There are still 26 organizations that have not yet posted coverage, but in a couple cases it's because they're editing video or films that will not come out until later. There are also a few organizations that do not have an online component. For those who missed the first roundup, you can find it here.

Otakon banner

Associated Press/Gannett Media/Galadrim (all get sound from Ben Walker, who has posted a few complete interviews at his personal site: Rob of, Adam Sheehan of FUNimation, Bill Holbrook, creator of Kevin and Kell)

Envirosphere (Fansub and industry panel transcript, FUNimatin panel transcript, Yamamoto panel transcript, FUNimation sneak peak transcript, MELL transcript, FUNimation transcript, JastUSA transcript, Kikuko Inoue panel transcript, Aniplex panel transcript, Madhouse Studios transcript, Yamamoto trancript)

The Examiner (preview, FUNimation: Case Closed)

The Gaming Dungeon (cosplay photos)

MusicBox Entertainment (Lines/panels/photos, blog entry)

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