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Camera-Phone Diet - Saturday, August 22

Until I reach my goal of losing 15 pounds (which will put me where I was on my wedding day), I'm doing something called the "Camera-Phone Diet," where you photograph everything you eat. On Saturday, The Gryphon made us homemade cornmeal pancakes for breakfast (yum). We ate lunch at one of our fave Mexican places, which is sadly closing. Dinner was at a housewarming party in New Jersey, where I splurged just a little.

Here's what I ate:

Saturday, August 22 - Breakfast  Saturday, August 22 - Tortilla Chips  Saturday, August 22 -  Vegetarian Burrito  August 22 - Pizza & Veggies  Saturday, August 22 - Sam Adams Summer Ale

Saturday, August 22 - Taste of Calzone  Saturday, August 22 - Newcastle Brown Ale  Saturday, August 22 - Rice Pudding  Saturday, August 22 - Ice Cream

You can read details about any of these items by clicking on the photo.

Tags: camera-phone diet, food, health & fitness

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