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Sister Prep

My sister is coming for a visit this weekend, which means I'm trying to whip our rowhouse into shape. I'm doing it in stages, like I normally do, so that I can spread out the work.

It's amazing how much there is to do in a place as small as ours. When I see it from an outsider's perspective, I can see all the things that need to be mopped and swept and vacuumed and straightened up.

Clouds and Blue Sky (Click to enlarge)

(Faster-loading version)

A view of the sky while I was walking Una this afternoon. Blue with fluffy white clouds.

Today is a warm, beautiful fall day. I'm hoping we have that sort of weather this coming weekend. I'd really like to go to a park and enjoy the natural world. My sister, who will most likely be bringing her dog, will love that, as well.

I may not have a lot of time to post blog entries this week. I'll have to see how things go and see if I'm able to take the time to do so. Blockbuster says it's shipped the first disk of the Oscar-winning movie, Gandhi, to me, but I think they're treating the two disks separately, so I'm going to have to watch and return something else so they'll send me the second disk. Considering that I haven't even received the first one yet, I probably won't be able to do an installment of my Oscar series this week.

Yesterday, I took care of one task: giving Una her bath and reapplying her flea and tick medicine, as well as giving her heartworm medication. This will ensure that she's ready for any outdoor trips we take, should we get the chance.

Spread out the work so you don't have to spend a whole day cleaning.

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