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My Philcon Schedule

I was waiting anxiously for my Philcon schedule, and then the very wonderful Dr. DJ told me that it's already available online, by guest. Anyone else who hasn't received their schedule yet, you can check it here. You can also use it to find out what your favorite panelists are on.

I am very excited about my schedule, because I got all the panels I really wanted this time. Much better than the afternoon nightmare, where I was assigned two panels on obscure points of jurispudence!

Philcon 2009 graphic

This year's Philcon logo

Please help me prepare by taking my poll.

* Sat 11:00 AM in Grand Ballroom A —VS. (126)

The audience comes up with the combatants, and the panelists figure out who would win. Forget Alien vs. Predator... how about Bugs Bunny vs. Doctor Doom!

The Horror Film Buff (mod), Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Alyce Wilson, Frank Wu, Andrew C. Ely

* Sat 5:00 PM in Plaza III (Three)—Poe's Poetry (86)

Even people who say that they hate poetry love his work. What are your favorite Poe poems in the fantasy and horror genres?

Ray Ridenour (mod), Richard Stout, Alyce Wilson, Stephanie Burke, John Drew

* Sun 1:00 PM in Plaza V (Five)—Eat Right, Exercise, Die Anyway... Healthy Living For Fans (147)

In general, fans tend to be a rather... sedentary... group. What simple things can we do to improve our health and live a better life?

James Prego (mod), Alyce Wilson, Jared Axelrod

* Sun 2:00 PM in Plaza IV (Four)—What My Cat Had For Breakfast. (218)

Just because everyone can have a blog does that mean everyone should? Panelists discuss what kind of personal responsibility comes with putting your thoughts out there for the world to read.

popfiend)(mod), Kyle Cassidy, Alyce Wilson, Terri Osborne, KT Pinto

Hands up, please: who's going to be there?

Dreams aren't always precognitive.

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