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One Night Only

Last night, American Idol finalist Chikezie got sent home, after being joined in the bottom three by Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro, who had previously had enough voters to keep him out of danger.

This just goes to show that, from now on, anything can happen. Both Syesha and Jason are going to have to wow viewers next week if they want to avoid another bottom three call-out.

As far as Chikezie is concerned, he outlasted many critics' predictions and should be proud of his run.

FOX Broadcasting, 2008

Early in the competition, he made the mistake of talking back to judge Simon Cowell, which probably cost him fans, although in subsequent weeks he took criticism with more grace.

As far as I'm concerned, his best weeks were the weeks when he took a little bit of a risk and had fun on-stage. But unfortunately, the flashes of potential were inconsistent, and last week he went back to a dated sort of R&B singing with his version of the Luther Vandross song, "If Only for One Night." This made him seem instantly about 20 years older and only highlighted the deficiencies in his vocals.

Still, he does get to tour with the final 10, and he'll no doubt learn a lot of valuable tips about performance as he does. Hopefully, now that the competition is over, he can concentrate on delivering the sort of joy and playfulness that marked the best of his performances.

I'm still under the weather, although I haven't had to take any cough medicine this morning (woot!). I am, still, easily fatigued and suffering from chest congestion.

Our doggie, Una, is also feeling icky today, since she had a booster shot yesterday. I coaxed her into eating by giving her half a can of wet food this morning, for which she was appreciative.

I've been sleeping long hours, drinking lots of water, and trying to keep from stressing. I did manage a dog walk yesterday, although today's gray, rainy weather precludes another one.

Fortunately, I've had enough brain cells to rub together to allow me to start on the Spring issue of Wild Violet. I went through all the submissions and solidified the run-down and am now in the process of designing the pages. Look for the issue to come out in mid- to late April. And now, I shall go take another nap.

Relax and enjoy it.

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