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Resolutions Par Excellence

As I did last year, I am going to break my larger goals into smaller, achievable ones. As I achieve those smaller goals, I will set new short-term goals. Some of the long-range goals are the same as last year (I made progress towards them but didn't yet complete the long-range goal), while others are brand new.

Long-term Goal #1: Prepare for our baby (due date June 4).

  • Short-term Goal: Figure out where to create our baby registry and begin adding items (suggestions of where to register welcome, as well as must-have items to include).

Long-term Goal #2: Publish My Second Poetry Book

  • Short-term Goal: Renew online subscription to the Writer's Market.

Long-term Goal #3: Publish Book of Personal Essays

  • Short-term Goal: Figure out the order of pieces to include in the book.

Long-term Goal #4: Complete and Publish My Wedding Book

  • Short-term Goal: Complete rough draft of section two.

Long-term Goal #5: Archive My Old Radio Shows, Data, Videotape and Photos

  • Short-term Goal: Archive old documents from my hard drive to make space.

Long-term Goal #6: Redesign Wild Violet Web site

  • Short-term Goal: Work with The Gryphon to create and implement the WV blog and arts bulletin.

Long-term Goal #7: Achieve and Maintain Fitness After Having the Baby

  • Short-term Goal: Cut back on nighttime snacking and increase activity in order to stay closer to the recommended pace for gaining weight during pregnancy.
Tags: gryphon, health & fitness, organization, poetry, pregnancy, resolutions, wedding, wild violet, writing

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