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Resolution Progress

I've made some more progress towards my resolutions.

Long-term Goal #1: Prepare for our baby (due date June 4).

  • Short-term Goal: Figure out where to create our baby registry and begin adding items (suggestions of where to register welcome, as well as must-have items to include).

This short-term goal is nearly half done. I opened up the question to people at a Web site called Circle of Moms, which I joined on the advice of a friend. Most of the women agreed that Babies R Us is one of the best places to register. This weekend, The Gryphon and I will check out the local store to look at what they have in stock, knowing that often people shop directly from local stores. Then, if we like it, we'll create a registry and start adding things.

Long-term Goal #2: Publish My Second Poetry Book

  • Short-term Goal: Renew online subscription to the Writer's Market.

I renewed my online subscription to the Writer's Market last night. My new short-term goal in this category will be:

  • Short-term Goal: Review my books of poetry to look for publishers who might be interested in the type of poetry I write. Check out their Web sites and their listings in the Writer's Market to evaluate possible publishers for my book.

Long-term Goal #7: Achieve and Maintain Fitness After Having the Baby

  • Short-term Goal: Cut back on nighttime snacking and increase activity in order to stay closer to the recommended pace for gaining weight during pregnancy.

I purchased the DVD "Beachbody Yoga Booty Ballet: Baby on the Way DVD, a pregnancy-safe workout recommended by "Fit Pregnancy" magazine." I think this goal needs to be more actionable, so I'm replacing this short-term goal with the following:

  • Short-term Goal: Starting Thursday (my weigh-in day), I will carefully monitor everything I eat for a week to figure out possible problem areas. I will also get some form of exercise (whether it's walking the dog or doing an aerobics DVD) at least 30 minutes every day.
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