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Progress Report: Week of February 1

I'm tracking my progress in certain areas (baby prep, career, fitness, house/organization, Otakon, Wild Violet) in order to help myself to work towards goals.

Su = Sunday, M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, Sa. = Saturday,

Baby Prep
• Added more items to our registry.
• Went through some items a friend was getting rid of and selected some to keep.
• Went to routine ob-gyn visit; everything was fine.

• Began revising personal home page using Word Press for a more professional look.
• Received ordered and contributor copies of Idol Musings.
• Approved proof of reprint of Picturebook of the Martyrs. Ready to sell!
• Completed revising personal home page.
• Added Twitter feed widget to MySpace page.
• Created POP filter to read incoming mail to my Web site through my Gmail.

• Exercised at least 30 minutes every day.
• Weekly weigh-in, up a disappointing 5 pounds after three weeks of more moderate gains. Doctor said it's not a concern but I should try to be more careful.

• Went through accumulated mail. Sorted.

• Sent out press release for the Yoshida Brothers.
• Worked on two other press releases.
• Updated background for OTAKONpress Twitter account.
• Spoke to Guest Relations head about possible ways to receive Web applications for press.
Tags: baby prep, career, health & fitness, organization, otakon

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