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Beloved by the Snow Gods

As you've probably heard, the snow gods have a crush on Philadelphia. They cannot get enough of us, hanging around and trying to get our attention. "Look how much I love you," they proclaim, dumping so much snow they've already broken the record for annual snowfall, and it's only February. "Look! Look at me!" they call, as the snow continues to fall. "Love me, love me!"

Philadelphians, with a sigh, pick up their collective snow shovels and say, "Gee, thanks."

Snow Pile and Snowy Street

(Faster-loading version)

A photo from my camera phone, showing a snow pile at the end of a snowy street.

The Gryphon with Snow Pile

(Faster-loading version)

The Gryphon stands next to a snow pile near our house. It starts on top of a 3-foot wall.

Una in Profile

(Faster-loading version)

Una sniffs the rare post-storm air.

UPS Truck in Snow

(Faster-loading version)

Nothing deters the UPS trucks from their rounds. Wish the post office behaved the same.

Una with a Snowpile

(Faster-loading version)

Una is dwarfed by a huge snow pile.

Neighbors Take a Break

(Faster-loading version)

A group of neighbors chat after shoveling their walks.

Snow-Covered Tree Branches

(Faster-loading version)

Snow stuck not only to these tree branches but to the trunk, as well.

Church with Snow

(Faster-loading version)

A Catholic Church has a neatly-shoveled walk.

Una Playing in the Snow

(Faster-loading version)

The snow was too deep for Una to frolic in it for long, but she had to plunge in.

Alyce with the Snow

(Faster-loading version)

Self-portrait against a snowy background.

Ice Drip

(Faster-loading version)

An icicle on an evergreen tree drips.

The snow gods don't get sarcasm.

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