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Progress Report: Week of February 8

I'm tracking my progress in certain areas (baby prep, career, fitness, house/organization, Otakon, Wild Violet) in order to help myself to work towards goals.

Su = Sunday, M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, Sa. = Saturday,

Baby Prep
• Fetal echocardiogram appointment cancelled due to snow; rescheduled for week of February 22.

• Launched revised personal Web page.
• Announced Picturebook of the Martyrs reprint going on sale.

• Exercised at least 30 minutes every day.
• Weekly weigh-in, up two pounds. Will strive to keep it at one pound or less for the rest of the month.

• Sent out press release for guests Maile Flanagan and Vic Mignogna.
• Wrote out comprehensive procedures for approval process of press registration; shared with department head.

Wild Violet
• Went through a good portion of the backlogged e-mailed submissions.
• Chose a WordPress theme for the site redesign (to be completed for Winter issue).
Tags: baby prep, career, health & fitness, otakon, poetry, web design, wild violet

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