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First Blood

On last night's results show, two guys and two girls were cut from season 9 of American Idol. There were also special performances by season 8 finalist Allison Iraheta and one from season 8 winner Kris Allen, to benefit Haiti.

Tyler Grady sings one final time

To get things started, host Ryan Seacrest chatted with the judges. He asked Simon if he'd been harsher than normal with the first round of the competition. Simon replied, "If you're going to judge the show, you've got to be honest."

Ryan asked Kara about her gushing over her supposed crush, Casey James (they're milking this for all it's worth!). Kara said that's why her (very attractive) husband was seated in the front row during the results.

The Top 24 then did a group song, Estelle's "American Boy." The girls started it off, first on the upper level, then in the Red Room and finishing up on the steps. The guys performed in small groups, as well: behind the judges' table and on stage. Then all of them appeared on the stage together. The harmonies were really good; some of the best I've heard. It does seem, however, as if they were lip-syncing to a pre-recorded version of the song. [VIDEO OF GROUP PERFORMANCE]

The results kicked off with the girls, as Ryan had the back row stand up and face their fate. Siobhan Magnus learned she's safe. The lighting was so dark that you could barely see Haeley Vaughn's face as she learned she's safe. Interspersed for each contestant were shots of their supporters reacting in the Red Room. Michelle Delamore was also safe, as was Katelyn Epperly, whose face was also completely veiled in shadow due to the bad lighting.

It was down to Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler, as Ryan announced, "One of them leaves us tonight." Ryan asked Randy who was leaving, and Randy didn't know. It was Janell, who I thought had showed potential but failed to shine on her first live performance. She was very composed as she sang one more time.

Next, Allison Iraheta performed her new single, "Scars." She's still got that magic, even though it's sort of a boring pop song. She was wearing a really interesting dress: a black mini dress with dramatic ruffles in the back, paired with fishnet stockings. Either her bright red hair is longer or she's gotten extensions. [VIDEO OF ALLISON]

Afterwards, Ryan asked her to give advice to the girls still awaiting their fate, but all she could say was that she felt like SHE was about to be eliminated again. I guess appearing on the Idol stage does that to you.

The first row of girls got their results next, starting with Paige Miles. She was safe. Ryan tried to fake out Lacey Brown, saying, "I'm sorry to say... you're going to have to endure the stress of this show for another week." She was safe. Lilly Scott looked about to cry as Ryan delayed the news: "I'm going to ask you... to chill. Take a seat." Crystal Bowersox was also safe.

Down to the last two girls, Ashley Rodriguez and Didi Benami. Didi was safe. When Ashley was told she was leaving, she looked pissed. She thanked her mom, her dad and her family but not anyone who might have voted for her. Well, good riddance then. Her final performance was even worse than it had been during the live show.

After a break, the guys began to get their results, back row first. Big Mike Lynche was safe. To John Park, Ryan did a fake out: "I'm going to have to tell you... you're going to have to face them again." He was safe. Aaron Kelly and Todrick Hall were also safe.

It was down to Tim Urban and Joe Munoz. When Tim was told he was safe, he looked absolutely shocked, almost like he was going to jump up and leave in protest. He clearly didn't think it was the right choice. Joe, on the other hand, was very gracious about it and sounded good on his final performance. That's the problem, though: good isn't always good enough, unless something about the performance makes people want to pick up the phone.

For a break from the results, Kris Allen performed a Beatles cover, "Let It Be," over footage of him visiting earthquake victims in Haiti. Proceeds from sales of the song on iTunes will go to Haiti relief. He gave a very heartfelt performance of one of my favorite songs. [INTERVIEW WITH KRIS ALLEN, VIDEO OF KRIS PERFORMING]

Then it was time for the last results, with the front row of guys. Casey James was safe. Jermaine Sellers was safe (though I felt he deserved to go home). Lee Dewyze was also safe. Ryan tried to fake out Andrew Garcia, "You... did not disappoint the nation. You are safe."

Down to the last two: Tyler Grady and Alex Lambert. When Ryan asked him, Simon guessed it was Tyler going home, based on the vocals. Ryan announced, "The one staying in is Alex." There was an audio gap of several seconds that producers have confirmed was necessitated by Alex using salty language on hearing the results.

In the exit interview, Ryan asked Tyler what his misstep is. Tyler said he didn't feel he got much constructive criticism during Hollywood week: "What they told me was a little bit too late." Cut to a shot of Simon looking annoyed (or maybe, according to some who have viewed it, agreeing with Tyler).

A final video was shown for all four contestants leaving and then Tyler performed under the credits while the other contestants danced.

I have no control over the videos, which I obtain from another site. If they are removed before you click on them, I apologize. Some videos will probably appear on the official American Idol site. Click on the tab for "VIDEOS" and pull down to "PERFORMANCES." You can download the official performances (both video and music) from iTunes starting from the American Idol download page.

Be careful what you say during a live broadcast.
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