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Meme In My Pants

Got this fun meme from just_the_ash:

Instructions: Call up the first 15 titled songs that come up when you put your iTunes/music player of choice on shuffle. Add "in my pants." Bold the ones that strike you especially funny.

1) Sonny Boy Williamson - "Don't Lose Your Eye in My Pants" (Yes, that would make for some awkward explanations.)
2) Joni Mitchell - "Carey in My Pants" (I knew two people in college named Carey, one a female and one a male. And no, this title never applied to either of them.)
3) The B-52's - "Roam in My Pants" (I'll pull out my "fat pants" so there's plenty of room for a leisurely walk.)
4) Katamari Damacy soundtrack - "Sasasan Katamari in My Pants" (And it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Wow, that sounds really dirty now that I said it out loud, but if you know the game, you get this joke.)
5) Off the Wall album - "Quincy Jones Commentary #1 in My Pants" (I didn't know I had a sound studio in there.)
6) R.X.R.A. - "Little Light of Love in My Pants" (Which is probably good. I don't really want to light up down there.)
7) Bob Dylan - "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, in My Pants" (Sorry, the party in my pants is over.)
8) B-52s - "Love Shack in My Pants" (And my tin roof rusted!)
9) Bash & Pop - "Making Me Sick in My Pants" (Wish I'd done that in a garbage pail instead.)
10) David Bowie - "Changes in My Pants" (The little-known original title of his chart-busting hit.)
11) Black Sabbath - "After All (The Dead) in My Pants" (Anne Rice knows what I'm talking about.)
12) David Bowie - "The Wedding in My Pants" (That was about seven months ago, actually.)
13) Eric Clapton - "Signe in My Pants" (I've got nothing here.)
14) Tapping the Vein - "Numb in My Pants" (I knew I shouldn't have dumped a bag of ice in there. My pants; my joke, mate.)
15) Tori Amos - "Mr. Zebra in My Pants" (TMZ just announced this is the title of Michael Jackson's next album. Sorry, that was just wrong. I'll bang my head on the floor until forgiven.)

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