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Baby and You

My husband, The Gryphon, and I have been taking a course called "Baby and You" from the hospital where I'll be delivering. The course is designed to give new parents information about baby care. So far, it's been pretty enlightening.

What I've Learned so Far
  • Newborn infants look distorted and strange. Most of their skin discolorations and blemishes are no big deal.
  • Infants poop a lot, and it doesn't even look like poop (sort of like yellow water, apparently).
  • Babies can imitate facial expressions almost immediately. (Can't wait to try this.)
  • Human penises require far more care than I ever realized, whether circumsized or not.
  • Newborn infants can't regulate their own body temperature, which is why I need to get the AC in my car fixed.
  • Babies respond more to voices heard while they're in the womb, such as the mother and father. I'm worried this means my baby boy will have fond memories of Sean Hannity (whose show I transcribe every night). Hopefully, he'll favor Anderson Cooper (whose show I also transcribe.)
  • We're not the only new parents with lots of silly questions.
  • We could have brought our dog's ragged teddy bear for diapering practice: someone else brought a toddler-sized monkey!
  • The Gryphon is much better at diapering and swaddling than I. An Otakon staffer suggests this can be my excuse to have him do those tasks more often.
There are, of course, many other tips and much more valuable information that we've gathered. These are just a few of the highlights. We've got one more class, where some new parents will give us tips and we'll cover safety and other issues. Then, in April, we have a birthing seminar and I will be taking a breast-feeding class. Time to cram for the final exam!

There's more to know about babies than I ever realized.

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