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A Little Perspective

At 30 weeks pregnant, my belly continues to grow and the scale continues to rise. This week, at our final "Baby and You" class, I took some comfort from the fact that two visiting moms of newborns revealed they'd gained over 50 pounds each and already lost most of it.

As my belly grows and new pregnancy-related issues arise, I find myself reflecting on the differences between being pregnant and being overweight. I've been both, and being overweight is a lot easier!

Alyce at 29 Weeks

Me at 29 weeks pregnant.

Alyce in Early 2000

A black and white photo of me in the year 2000, at my top weight, when I wore a size 20.

Differences Between Being Pregnant and Being Overweight

  • When I was overweight, I didn't have sciatica (lower back and leg pain).
  • When I was overweight, I could sleep on my back.
  • When I was overweight, my bra size didn't change every month.
  • When I was overweight, body parts didn't swell overnight and cause me to make panicked calls to my ob-gyn.
  • When I was overweight, I could take exercise classes that didn't involve swimsuits.
  • When I was overweight, I didn't have cravings and aversions.

There are, of course, positives, as well.

  • When I was overweight, I didn't have a set cut-off date when I could expect things to get better.
  • When I was overweight, people weren't overly polite to me, holding doors and vacating seats.
  • When I was overweight, I didn't have anything to look forward to except more of the same.
  • When I was overweight, I didn't have friends and family offering me positive moral support and advice.
  • When I was overweight, I didn't have a growing human being inside me.
  • When I was overweight, I couldn't feel a little independent spirit, kicking to music and laughter.
It's easier to be overweight, but ultimately, pregnancy is worth it.

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