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Fool's Errands

If you want to run errands, you probably shouldn't plan on doing them Easter Sunday, as my husband, The Gryphon, and I discovered this weekend.

The whole thing reminded us of this Mad TV sketch, minute 5:10

Had we thought about it, we would have planned differently, but The Gryphon was sore on Saturday after a paintball session with coworkers the day before. So apart from eating out, we stayed in that day, while I worked on the spring issue and redesign Wild Violet and he played video games.

Sunday we had planned to take care of a few things: look for cotton bras for me (I can't stand synthetic fabrics against my skin now, at almost 32 weeks pregnant), pick up a new plastic mat for my desk chair to replace the one that's coming apart, get new sneakers for The Gryphon, and pick up groceries so he could cook us dinner.

When we drove past Kohl's department store and saw darkened windows and an empty parking lot, we sensed what was coming. Next, The Staples, then even the Springfield Mall was shuttered. We ran into a woman there who had two small children with her. She couldn't believe the stores would be closed on Easter, which is a religious holiday. I guess if it were a shopping holiday, like Christmas, the stores would have special hours.

We did discover the Court Diner in Media was open, so we had a nice lunch in a nearly empty restaurant. As we finished, they were vacuuming around us, preparing to close off the big dining room and send half their employees home.

While I remembered seeing a sign that our regular grocery store, Giant, would be closed, we discovered the Acme open. (No, that's not the same Acme where Wile E. Coyote buys magnetic bird seed for his attempts to capture the Roadrunner.) The Gryphon selected ingredients and, later that evening, after I'd completed nearly all the Wild Violet spring issue graphics, he cooked us a dinner of steak in a mushroom sauce, with sweet potatoes and asparagus.

In the evening, we watched The Men Who Stare at Goats, which we loved. Based on an actual Army unit tasked with investigating psychic approaches to warfare, the movie was quirky, fresh, and interesting. Ewan MacGregor, as a journalist, and George Clooney, as a veteran of the special unit, worked well together. I even wrote a found poem based on the dialogue (realizing that it was closing in on midnight and I had yet to write a poem that day for National Poetry Writing Month).

If only we'd tuned into our mental powers, we might have avoided running any fool's errands.

It's sad, it's sad, they're closed.

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