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Wild Violet Redesign/New Issue is Live!

After a longer delay than we ever could have anticipated, the redesign is finished, and the new issue of Wild Violet has gone live. We appreciate all the inquiries as to our status in the meantime; it's good to know that people missed us!.

Appropriately enough, the theme for this issue is "transition," and the contributors delve into the transitions between worlds, thoughts, life stages, and more. In this issue, you'll find:

Poetry by Carol Hamilton, Ishita Bhaduri, Daniel Wilcox, Bill Gillard, Frank De Canio, Jeannine Pitas, Janet Butler, Robert Lietz, R.S. Carlson, Michael Lee Johnson, Terri Brown-Davidson, Simon Perchik, Joanna Weston, Michael Estabrook, Mather Schneider, David James, and Richard Alan Bunch;

Fiction by Chris Castle, Jennifer Bossert, Stephen Muret, Helen Tzagoloff, Jude Coulter-Pultz, Jim Harrington, Tony Dvorak, Margaret Karmazin, and Brady Allen;

Humor by Kathryn Jacobs, Tony Colella, David Breitkopf, Margaret Karmazin, and John Frank Weaver;

Essays by Dean Borok, Michael G. Cornelius, Kathryn Atwood, Donna Marie Miller, Raghbir Dhillon, and John Joyce;

Cuttings by Sara Siegel, Sue Ellis, Suzanne Sykora and Meg Pokrass;</b>

Coverage of the Sarajevo and Ljubljana film festivals by Radmila Djurica;

An interview with award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Tim Powers;

Reviews of several books and films;

And Art by Martin Kimeldorf and Cecilia Chapman.

Starting in May, Wild Violet will be offering monthly short-form writing contests (500 words for fiction, 20 lines for poetry). Once a month, I’ll post a topic, and people can post a link to their content, which can appear on either a personal site or any blog. We will ask that contest entries not be posted directly into the comments.

Each month, a panel will narrow the entries down to 10 top entries, and I’ll create a poll, allowing people to vote. The monthly winner will receive some Wild Violet merchandise (such as a bumper sticker, button or post cards). At the end of the year, we’ll have a face-off for the monthly winners, and the winner will claim a bigger prize (to be announced later).

The winners of each monthly post will be viewable in a category called “Winners,” which we will be adding after the first winners are selected.

Wild Violet now offers more interactivity.

Readers can leave comments on entries and cast their votes for the winners of monthly short-form writing contests (see above).

Our new blog will feature regular entries about the arts. We currently have writers prepared to write about art, music, literature, and movies. If anyone else is interested in being a Wild Violet blogger, contact me at

The Arts Bulletin will feature notices from Wild Violet contributors and readers. To submit a notice for consideration, e-mail

Let us know what you think of the new design. We hope it will produce a more active community and become a true place for the arts.

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