alycewilson (alycewilson) wrote,

Wild Violet Monthly Contests Launched

I've just posted the first topic for our new monthly contest at Wild Violet.

In related news, I'm searching for people to serve as a panel to pare down the entries to a Top 10, which will then be presented in a poll for readers to choose a winner.

I'm also in need of judges for the 2009 Wild Violet Fiction and Poetry contests. There are about 20 entries of each, and I will need a ruling by our summer issue (due out in August). The requirements for those judges are a little higher: I'm looking for someone with at least some demonstrated credentials (whether it be a poetry chapbook, writing degree, affiliation with a lit magazine, or anything else applicable). In exchange, you will get an official bio on our site where you can cross-promote any of your personal projects or Web sites.

Please comment below if you're interested or e-mail me at
Tags: wild violet, writing

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