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Roll Out the Barrel

On Friday night, my husband and I attended the annual big dinner at my Dad's medical association banquet, held in the Valley Forge Convention Center. The event was very similar to previous years, and despite still feeling a little under the weather, I enjoyed myself.

The Gryphon and Alyce
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The Gryphon and I before dinner, looking our best.
I got that dress in a second-hand maternity shop.
Don't know if I'll get any other chances to wear it!

Dad and the Adventurer
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Dad and his girlfriend, The Adventurer, before dinner.

The Hal Martin Band
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Dinner and dance music was provided by the Hal Martin Band,
which was much better than the bands of the previous two years. They played
a range of music: from Big Band to jazz to classic rock hits.

Tulip Centerpiece
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This year's centerpiece was understated: a simple bouquet
of white tulips with three balloons (not pictured).

Dinner Conversation
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(from left) The Adventurer, The Life of the Party's Wife,
and Dad's med school buddy, The Life of the Party, engage in dinner conversation.

Polish American String Band
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The Polish American String Band performed,
like they do every year for the banquet.

Lead Mummer
(Faster-loading version)
The lead mummer, dressed in a white outfit with sequins and a feathered headdress,
drummed up crowd enthusiasm and posed for me when he saw my camera.

Mummers Costumes
(Faster-loading version)
Because of the darkness in the room, it's hard to get great shots,
but I liked this one of a mummer from behind, showing his pink sequined costume,
with two band mates in the background.

Following the mummers was an evening of dancing to classic rock hits and standards.
I couldn't dance as much as usual, but danced every slow dance with The Gryphon.

The Mummers know how to start a party.

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