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LJI Home-Game Entry - Week 26 - Baby Pondering

This is one of my home-game entries this week for therealljidol. I am not competing this season but invite you to read the many fine submissions and the home-game entries. There are two topics this week, an Open Topic and "Face to Face." This is my take on "Face to Face."

Our Baby's Face
A 3-D ultrasound of our baby's face

The clock is ticking; the weeks are flying by. Soon, I will get my first real glimpse of the baby who has been growing inside me for 37 weeks. In this modern age, though, I've already seen his face.

Thanks to an ultrasound back in January, I have a 3-D image showing our little guy, looking very much like a character from Dr. Seuss. Back then, his full lips bloomed in his developing face. At first glance, he seemed to favor my small chin, rather than the square jawline of my husband, The Gryphon.

In his ultrasound photo, our son looks a lot like I did when I was a baby, with a rectangular face, smallish chin and largish forehead.

Alyce as a Baby
Me as an infant, in my playpen

Of course, the ultrasound image was created in January and now, five months later, his face has no doubt developed further. There's no telling what he'll look like when we finally see him. Not to mention the fact that his head might be misshapen, thanks to the birthing process!

How will genetics work their magic? What genes will swirl to create our son? Will he emerge with my husband's dark brown hair (destined to turn silver in his 20's) and my blue-gray eyes, or with a dusting of blonde hair (like my infant self) and my husband's hazel eyes? Will he be average-sized to small, like my family, or will he tower over his 6-foot-tall father? Will he be muscular or slender? A pudgy Gerber baby or, like me, a serious-looking peanut-head?

All I know about him is that, currently, he enjoys music (especially the Beatles, Stereolab and anything with a beat), seems to enjoy almost anything I eat, and is a bit of a nightowl (based on his most frequent movements). Will he also love my dog as much as I do? Or will he, instead, befriend the cat who has enjoyed purring against my growing belly for the past several months? Will he enjoy silly humor, music and the arts, like me? Or will he follow his dad's lead, loving anime, gaming and technology? Will he surprise us and take another path entirely?

More immediately, will he be a contented baby, seemingly unfazed by distractions, or will he be a colicky baby, constantly crying? Will he frustrate us or amaze us? Challenge us or inspire us? On alternate days, I suspect he'll do all of the above.

Soon, all of these questions and more will be answered. Although I'm still nervous, I can't wait to discover the answers.

Even in these days of technology, some questions can't be answered until the baby arrives.

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