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Purple Dreams

As my husband, The Gryphon, will attest, I am a sucker for any competition-based show. Whether the contestants are dancing, singing, cooking, modeling, cutting hair, or designing fashions, I absolutely love elimination shows that involve a special talent. American Idol happens to be the only show I'm geeky enough to write about regularly, or this blog would be completely overtaken by television writing about such shows.

Apparently, as I learned last night, these shows can enter my dreams, as well.

Nicole and Derek
Nicole and Derek perform a cha-cha

Last night on Dancing with the Stars, my favorite dancer, Nicole Scherzinger (from The Pussycat Dolls), and her partner, Derek Hough, performed a cha-cha to the Prince song, "Kiss." For her performance, which included a stand-out solo by Nicole, she wore an outfit reminiscent of Prince in Purple Rain, with a dark purple bolero jacket, ruffled midriff shirt, and skin-tight red-violet hip-huggers with ruffles at the bottom. Like the rest of the show's ballroom dance wardrobe, it was deliberately flashy, almost campy. So ridiculous you had to just love it. When you add to that the fact that purple has, since childhood, been my favorite color, you can imagine why the outfit made an impression.

So in my dream last night, I was seated at what appeared to be a long lunch table, similar to the ones we had in elementary school. My Dad sat across from me, as did his med school buddy, The Life of the Party.

Dad told me that he had promised his girlfriend, The Adventurer, that he would escort her to a special dinner & dance event where he would be required to wear a purple suit. Not only that, but he was determined to work on some new dance moves in order make himself seem more "cool." He stood up, then, and did an air guitar surprisingly well. His buddy applauded him, but I advised him that the air guitar is great unless it's overused. I told him to wait until they played a song with a really great guitar solo, and then go wild.

In order for this dream to make sense, you have to know that my dad is a terrible dancer. I took dance lessons for eight years (ballet, ballet en pointe, with a little jazz mixed in) and have since taken funk aerobics classes and belly dance classes. Yet, I know that I'm a rank amateur on the floor, compared to anyone who's a serious dancer. I dance to have fun, or to make people laugh. Even at my wedding, my friends and I were voguing outrageously, just being silly.

Dad, though, makes Buzz Aldrin look like Grace Kelly. His dance moves make Pee-wee Herman's famous "Tequila" dance look like masterful choreography. And he knows this; yet he's willing to get on the dance floor with his girlfriend just because she wants to. He does it every year at the annual medical convention banquet, and I'm sure that, if she did ask him to a Prince-themed all-purple gala, he would do his best to study air guitar ahead of time.

The dream was silly, in a way, but in a way it was exactly what my dad is all about: trying his best to please those he loves. I really hope, though, that it never involves a purple suit and flashy dance moves!

Strange dance costumes lead to strange dreams.

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