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Baby Face

Today, we got another glimpse of our baby before he makes his appearance.

Baby Face
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Above is a picture of his face, but it's not the best quality, since it's a standard ultrasound and not the 3D ultrasound I had done at 20 weeks. In the picture, the top of his head is towards the right side of the picture. You can see that his face has fleshed out quite a bit since the last picture, done at 20 weeks. He's now got chubby cheeks but seems to be retaining his full lips.

My doctor ordered an ultrasound to check on the baby's size and to check on how much fluid was surrounding him (I've been retaining a lot of water, blowing my feet up almost to balloon size!). According to the doctor who did the ultrasound, he appears to be in the normal range (currently 7.5 pounds +/- 1 pound, which would make him about 8.5 pounds +/- 1 pound in two weeks at his due date). He also has a normal amount of fluid around him, so no worries.

According to the measurements they took, his head is currently a good size. In addition, his tummy measurement is more in line with the lower end of the reading than the higher. It's just that prenatal measurements are notoriously unreliable, so there's a large margin of error.

He's now big enough that you can't get all of him in one picture. And he remains positioned head down, ready for the world!

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