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LJI Home-Game Entry - Week 27 - Pregnancy Questions

This is my home-game entry this week for therealljidol . I am not competing this season but invite you to read the many fine submissions and the home-game entries. This week the topic is "Sometimes Why."

Alyce at 38 Weeks
Me this morning, at 38 weeks

In an effort to finish our baby prep, my husband, The Gryphon, and I went to Babies R Us to finish buying the items on our registry (Thanks, firesign10 for the unexpected and timely gift!). Then, he vacuumed out the car and installed the infant car seat, while I put away the baby items. In addition, I began packing my hospital bag (a task that will be completed either today or tomorrow) and we practiced breathing exercises to be used in childbirth.

As with any other major life event, there are always new questions and challenges arising. Here are the current ones that occur to me.

Sometimes, I just have to ask why:

  • Grown adults (particularly men) find my humongous belly so fascinating they cannot tear their gaze away. Toddlers I understand, but adults should have some clue as to what's going on here -- and the decency not to stare.
  • People still find it necessary to warn me to "get my sleep now" or "enjoy the peace and quiet," as if I could have reached this stage of pregnancy without hearing such advice a million and one times.
  • Friends who are following me on more than one social networking site still refer to my baby as "she." Look, I know I'd had dreams of a dark-haired baby girl, but according to his chromosomes, he's all boy. I could also show you a very distinct ultrasound picture confirming his gender, but something tells me he'd object later in life.
  • After learning in my childbirth class and in various books and articles that there are safe methods of painkillers that can be used during birth, some still try to guilt me or scare me into not even considering using them. Stop it: you're making me cry (which is admittedly not hard right now, what with all the stress and pregnancy hormones).
  • My body has decided that, not only am I not permitted to sleep on my back (due to pain and trouble breathing), but that if I sleep on my side, my hips will hurt.
  • My feet, after being blessedly normal through most of my pregnancy, at nine months have swollen to resemble one of those gloves Howie Mandel used to blow up with air and put on his head.
  • I can be both extremely thirsty and have to pee at the same time.
  • Even though I've been experiencing acid indigestion for the past couple of months, I've still managed to gain a total of 15 pounds more than recommended. Is my body trying to make it back to my top weight (currently, only 7 pounds off)?
  • I am dreading the recovery period (with its aches, pains and potential complications) as much or more as I worry about giving birth.
  • People I barely know are suddenly being very sweet to me. My neighbor two doors down, who has seldom spoken to us, now promises to give me a gift for the baby and says I can ask her for advice any time.
  • The Gryphon always knows the right thing to say and do.
  • My son, as glimpsed in last week's ultrasound, remains blissfully unaware of all my stress and anxiety, flexing his perfect little fingers in preparation for waving hello to the world.

Pregnancy is like an open invitation for weirdness.

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