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Can't wait until I'm on the other side of this pregnancy thing. Until then, some more pregnancy-inspired thoughts.

My husband, the Gryphon, and I had breakfast in Center City today so I could check the Wild Violet mailbox. The waitress at the IHOP asked me when I was due. When The Gryphon told her last Friday, her eyes grew large. "I wouldn't be out," she said. "I'd be home in bed."

No doubt with a cook to serve her lunch and a butler to let the dog out and feed the cat. Please.


* The size of my belly is not a conversation piece. The next person who tells me how huge I am or asks if I'm having twins will be answered with a brutal assessment of her fashion sense, hygiene and intelligence.

* My doctor has not prescribed bed rest. Activity at any stage of pregnancy is considered good, and walking can be one of the ways of inducing contractions. Not that it's any of your business, strangers I meet on the street.

* Move out of the pregnant woman's way. Stand up and let her sit. Or fear her wrath.

Overheard in the hospital waiting room while waiting for a non-stress test on Thursday: One woman's friend gained 75 pounds (even more than me!) during her pregnancy. Her husband teased her by calling her Grimace. I give them two years.

Every time I eat something, I wonder if it will be the last meal I eat before giving birth. I try to remember what time I ate it and what it was, in case anyone asks.

Well, off to another non-stress test. Wish me luck!

It's really good to have a place like LJ where you can gripe.

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