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Hospital Baby Pictures

I've been meaning to post these, but I've been, well, a bit busy! These were photos taken of our Kung Fu Panda in the hospital. More pics have been taken at home, to be posted when I get a chance.

Many thanks to my husband, The Gryphon, who adjusted these photos for me on his laptop.

My Baby, First Day
(Faster-loading version)
Kung Fu Panda swaddled up in the delivery room on his first day.

My Baby, Second Day
(Faster-loading version)
Kung Fu Panda resting comfortably in his bassinet
in the recovery room at the hospital on his second day.

Me with my Baby
(Faster-loading version)
This photo was taken in the recovery room the day after my baby's birth.

Me with My Baby - Sepia
(Faster-loading version)
Me with my baby, adjusted to a sepia tint.

My Sister with the Baby
(Faster-loading version)
My sister holds the baby in the recovery room on Sunday.

My Mom and the Baby
(Faster-loading version)
My mom holds the baby in the recovery room on Sunday.

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