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Photos from Week One

I'm happy to report that Kung Fu Panda slept really well last night and is not bothered by me typing nearby. Therefore, I've had the opportunity to get on my computer in the nursery/office and to upload the most recent pictures.

Gryphon with Kung Fu Panda in Harness
(Faster-loading version)
My husband, The Gryphon, holds Kung Fu Panda in a harness.

Me with My Baby
(Faster-loading version)
I cuddle with my little Kung Fu Panda.

My Husband with Our Baby
(Faster-loading version)
The Gryphon holds our Kung Fu Panda on his lap.

Una Keeps Watch Over the Baby
(Faster-loading version)
Una has been sticking near to Kung Fu Panda to make sure he's OK.
Here, she lounges on the floor near the mattress where KFP and I are hanging out.

It's difficult to get time to photograph and share photos during baby's first week!

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