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Fly-By Update

Just a brief update while my husband, The Gryphon, puts our Kung Fu Panda to bed. Early evenings always seem to be the worst, but the good thing is that the amount of fussing before sleep seems to be decreasing.

We took him to the pediatrician today for another weigh-in. Since Thursday, he has gained an average of over an ounce a day, putting him on track to be back to his birth weight by next week (or in the normal range). I hope that will be the last time we have to take him to the doctor for a while; it's a challenge to work around his feeding schedule, and it disrupted his usual daytime sleeping pattern. We saw a different pediatrician this time, who had an ice-cream design on his tie. He checked Kung Fu Panda out and told us everything looks good. We should continue what we're doing and come back in a week for another weigh-in.

The strange dreams continue. Last night they were particularly disturbing, with just about every mother's nightmare surfacing. So dark I don't even want to talk about them. I'm told this is normal, but I'm hoping that these dreadful dreams subside as we grow in confidence with our baby care skills.
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