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Picture Time

Our Kung Fu Panda sleeps a good portion of the day. I'm hoping sometime to capture him in one of his brief periods of alertness, He has the sweetest blue eyes, a nice contrast for his brunette hair. I'm told both may change (although dark hair with blue eyes was just what I'd ordered). We've told him whatever color he settles on is fine with us.

I also took a picture of myself this morning, in the same clothes I was wearing to document my pregnancy. You can really see the difference from two weeks ago!

Kung Fu Panda Finds His Hand
Our Kung Fu Panda blissfully enjoys his hand.

Alyce at 40 Weeks
Me at 40 weeks pregnant, on June 7

Alyce - 2 weeks postpartum
Me this morning, almost two weeks postpartum.

It's hard to catch a newborn with his eyes open.

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