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Meeting Granddad

This weekend, my dad visited us and got to see his grandson, Kung Fu Panda, for the very first time. Guess I shouldn't have been surprised that, after raising three kids of his own and having countless children and babies as patients in his general osteopathy practice over the years, Dad was a natural with our Kung Fu Panda.

He even got to spend some nice alert time with him, where they seemed to be mutually fascinated by each other. And when KFP started to cry, Dad just picked him up, put him on his shoulder and walked him around the room. Kung Fu Panda quieted immediately and checked out all the things that Dad showed him in the room, his little head wobbling slightly side to side as his big eyes took it all in.

Dad Holds KFP
Dad holds Kung Fu Panda for the very first time.

Overjoyed to Meet Granddad
KFP seems really happy to meet his granddad.

Hanging with Granddad
KFP spends some quality time with his granddad.

Alert KFP
He does sometimes open his eyes.

Figuring Things Out
KFP checks out my dad.

Happy Alert
Kung Fu Panda, alert and happy.

Grandparents have elite baby skillz.

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