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Weighing In

A drive-by post, whilst my Kung Fu Panda snuggles against me making baby panda noises (he is aptly nicknamed).

Yesterday, at his weigh-in at the pediatrician, we learned some fantastic news. Kung Fu Panda is back to his birth weight! This happened within two weeks, which is about the time it typically takes breastfed newborns to return to their birth weight (they lose weight the first week before the mother's milk comes in and because of fluid loss after birth).

The pediatrician was happy with his progress and said we don't have to come in again until his next "well visit" in August.

In other weight-related news, my pregnancy weight continues to drop off. I lost another 7 pounds last week, just by eating a balanced diet and by breastfeeding my (not-so-little) panda.

Go, us!
Tags: health & fitness, kung fu panda

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