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On Saturday, my sister and her husband visited us, having come into town the day before for a friend's wedding. The main goal of her visit was so she could spend more time with our Kung Fu Panda, to get more comfortable with the sort of care she'll be assisting with at Otakon.

My sister was a fast learner when it came to diapers, bottle feeding and even soothing our sensitive Kung Fu Panda. For much of the afternoon, she cuddled with him and handled any issues that arose. It was nice to have the break; it was also nice to see how comfortable he was with his aunt and uncle.

Kung Fu Panda seemed to be excited about spending time with them and stayed alert most of the day, from about 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., only drifting off for occasional naps while being cuddled.

Sister with KFP
My sister cuddles with Kung Fu Panda.

Sister Reading with KFP
My sister reads the Fortean Times while holding Kung Fu Panda.

Sister's Hubby with KFP
My sister's husband holds Kung Fu Panda.

Sister's Husband Gazes at KFP
My sister's husband with Kung Fu Panda, who shows off his hands.

Baked Bean Chicken
The Gryphon made a variation on Beer Can Chicken, using cans of baked beans instead of beer.

Naps fall by the wayside when there are exciting people in town.

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